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Using the Forums
Using the forums is a great way to become actively involved in the community. We ask that you abide by the following rules so that everyone can enjoy using the forums.

Forum Rules
Any ingame rules will apply on the forums.

  • Do not Necropost / Revive 2+ week old dead threads.
  • Do not ask when a new update, or new feature will be released, or when it will be done.
  • Do not advertise servers - unless if making reference to a feature on said server.
  • Pointless and/or Incorrect topic threads will either be moved, or deleted
  • It's prohibited to spam the same thread in multiple subforums - It will result in a forum ban.
  • Use Bold, Italics, Underlines, font color, or font size only when relevant, replies and topics written in full Bold, Italics, Underlines, font color, or font size will be edited or deleted.
  • Refrain from using strong inappropriate language.
  • Be respectful to others, and others around you
  • Don’t triple-post, There's an Edit option!
  • Do not ban evade!
  • Do not farm posts. A post is farmed if it does not contribute to a conversation. This includes but is not limited to replying to a thread with something like “I agree!” - just like the post you agree with and move on.

Like on the server, players get offences if they disobey a rule on the forums. If caught rule violating they’ll receive a warning point. These stay on your forum record until you reach 3 points. 3 Warning points will result in a permanent forum ban.

Some rules will not require warning points but you will receive some if you continue to repeat violation eg. triple posting once may not require a warning point, just a written warning.

Individuals who are forum banned can appeal through Discord.

Certain offences will result in an immediate permanent ban, such as doxing players or extreme toxicity. These immediate permanent bans can be given at the discretion of a Sr Mod+.

12 months ago

If you have been banned in game, on the discord or on the forums and are wanting to appeal here's how!

Platform: (Discord, server, forums).
Punished by:
Date of punishment:
Why you should be unbanned/unmuted:
Screenshot of punishment:

12 months ago

Please use the following format when reporting players, otherwise your report may be instantly denied. Evidence should be in the form of a video uploaded to YouTube or a screenshot of the whole minecraft screen uploaded to Imgur. Evidence is no longer usable after 14 days of originally captured and should not be edited. The thread title should be the IGN of the player you are reporting.

Offender's IGN:

12 months ago

Only fill in what is applicable to your bug report, so if "how to do the bug" doesn't apply, don't fill it in!

Your IGN:

Where is the bug happening?

Brief description of the bug:

Describe how to do the bug:

Video/photo proof:

12 months ago